Driven to bring people together

I believe a great leader strives to bring people together to learn from and with each other.


Reach out and Reconnect. A High School Leadership driven connection. High School Leaders in the RVS Leadership Academy facilitated connections and activities online in zoom during our pandemic year for elementary and junior high learners.

“This really helped my mental health this year, it was a tough year, so thank you.”

Grade 5 Online R.O.A.R participant.

“Thank you for letting us have this awesome opportunity to begin with. I have made strong bonds with my leaders and personally I have gotten a stronger bond with [two other members also in my class]. I can’t believe that it’s almost time to say goodbye to my leaders and the people in my group! At first when you mentioned it I thought it would be boring but I tried it anyway and I loved it! The thing I loved most were the check-ins at the beginning and end, It was always nice to voice my feelings. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Grade 7 Online R.O.A.R. participant

Cochrane Times Article on Project R.O.A.R https://www.cochranetoday.ca/local-news/rocky-view-schools-learning-academy-keeping-students-connected-with-project-roar-3523271

RVS Convergence

Developed from a teacher Fine Arts Community of Practice, we created an event to bring together over 100 together students, local artists, and a university. www.rvsconvergence.com