A TurnerMy name is Alison Turner and I am currently a Learning Specialist (Educational Technology & Program Design) with Rocky View Schools. I utilize technology to creatively collaborate and inspire schools, administrators, and staff on division-wide initiatives through instructional design consulting, staff training, resource curation, and the facilitation of responsive professional learning experiences. Over the course of my diverse career, I have facilitated learning experiences for K12 learners, teachers and staff, as well as a sessional Instructor in Higher Ed. I am passionate about designing innovative, inquiry based and cross-curricular learning. I hold a BFA in Developmental Art, a B.Ed in Secondary Art and an Interdisciplinary M.Ed. When I am not playing with my two boys Jack and Everett, spending time with family and friends, or planning, you can find me at a yoga class, gardening, walking my dog Norman, or relaxing watching Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.



Love-ladden mission of mine

To continually strive to become a better educator…to never reach a state of contentment because I can and will always learn every single day…to question the “why?” of things…to be inspired…to guide learners to understand their own lives in relation to all that surrounds.

“To be awake is to take risks, to see things that you probably would not want to see. We have to teach that—an awareness, a courage to see. Without it, we’ll just be for profit, and not for meaning.” Maxine Greene.

Turner, Alison (2015). Pinwheels for Peace: school wide collaborative installation at Muriel Clayton Middle School [image].

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